Lucy our foundation girl!

Whiteriver Cavaliers is located in Hesperia, MI.

Whiteriver Cavaliers is located in Hesperia, MI.

Lucy our foundation girl!



Whiteriver Cavaliers is located in Hesperia, MI.  Our kennel name was inspired by the river that runs through the woods surrounding our home. I discovered the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in 2004 and fell in love with their beauty and sweet personality. Since then, I have become passionate about this lovely breed and they have become a big part of our home and family! Our dogs are bred to produce healthy pups (see health information below).  We are also proud of our Champions and our pet owners who have gone through the training  with their Cavaliers to become wonderful Therapy Dogs! I breed for health, temperament, beauty, and structure. Our Cavaliers are registered AKC.


Like all breeds, this loving breed does have some known health issues. I work hard for the preservation of this breed, which is why our Cavaliers are annually heart tested by a Board Certified Cardiologist. Their eyes are also tested by a Board Certified Ophthamologist. We MRI for Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia (SM). I test for SM because its commonly found in the breed. I am very fortunate to have generations of SM clear dogs. We DNA test for Curly Coat/Dry Eye/ Episodic Falling. Breeders cannot guarantee a puppy’s life will be disease free, just like people cannot guarantee that their children will end up with perfect health.  Over vaccinating, flea products and nutrition can all affect a dogs health. Testing is not a guarantee in itself that your puppy will live a long, healthy life, but it certainly does help.  




We breed our dogs for health, happiness and preservation of the breed. Our breedings are carefully planned and we are committed to producing healthy puppies for us and our pet families! We are very proud of all of our Therapy Dogs we have produced. Whiteriver occasionally has puppies available.


Breeder Of Merit

I am the Membership Chair for Great Lakes Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club and a member of the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.


GCH Whiteriver Dreams Come True

Our Sweet Millie is  our  Dream Come True! Millie is our home bred girl that is retired at home, looking after her daughters and grand pups!

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